The Haughs About Aswanly


Take me far off from urban cries
Place me where grouse are heard
Where underneath the tranquil skies
Lived many a feudal laird.

Where potent Edinglassie slew
Those who scorned his command
Alas’ he slaughtered not a few
Who lived upon his land.

At last my friend, I do retreat –
In mood serene and manly
Where beauty has his regal seat –
On the Haughs about Aswanly.

Where the keen face of vernal day
Does show itself so grandly
Where the little lambs are seen at play
On the Haughs about Aswanly.

The peasant did see carnage grim
From his own hamlet door
Where servile chiefs did beat their drum
Where now stands high Blairmore.

I love to see these sylvan plains
Haughs of the beech and pine
Where freedom like an old King reigns
Until the end of time.

Here lucid fires of pleasure glow
Here life breathes oft quite calmly
They form a sort of Heaven below –
These Haughs about Aswanly.