Scottish Beauty

Scottish Beauty.

Thoughts untangle from their tightly woven complexity
And simmer gently outwards, ’till an even flow,
Conjoining them with the awesome energy of space,
Mountains, hills, lochs, forests and…
Where everything is in its place.
Where we regain our own,
and mellow into natural relaxation.

Tension that swells with pressure, eased now
From the vastness of this splendour
So beautifully breathtaking, one cannot hold it all
Or scoop it in under ones belt,
For the landscape expands its essence
Into Infinity;
Where the touch of sheer pleasure is almost painful
As the heart responds to the mystical majestic sight
And exquisite silence,
Filled with the harmonised
Sounds of trees breathing,
With the whisperings of all forms of wild life
And awakens ancient memory in my soul
That far outstretches the years
My temporal self has lived,
To share this experience with all those
Who have gone before me, and have yet to come.

By Marion S Duff

first published by The Toulier 2003