Glass War Memorial & Remembrance Day

Glass War Memorial looks particularly impressive this year, having been draped in a cape of crocheted and knitted poppies. These were prepared by approximately 10 members and friends of Glass SWI, in a project that was begun in July. Funding for the wool used came from Cairnie Glass Community Trust. The memorial will be illuminated at night during the period of remembrance between 5pm and 10pm, thank you to Brodie Murray at Standing Ovation for donating his time and equipment for this part of the commemoration.

It will be noted that, among the mainly traditionally-red-coloured poppies, there are also several purple poppies. Purple-coloured poppies are an initiative of the charity Murphy’s Army ( and pay tribute to animals lost in war or other public service. This was a campaign launched in 2016. These should not be confused with blue poppies. Blue ‘poppies’ are, in fact, blue cornflowers. The French wear blue cornflowers on Remembrance Day. This symbol is known as the Bleuet de France. These two flowers were chosen as they were the only signs of colour in the mud of the trenches and battlefields of the First World War.

Glass War Memorial is remarkable as it is believed to be one of very few (perhaps only three) such memorials in the United Kingdom which is able to record the fact that all locals who left to serve in World War Two (55 men and women) returned safely.

The Sunday closest to 11th November each year sees today’s locals gather to remember those who lost their lives in the service of our community and country. Each year, everyone hopes that war is something we have left behind us. Regrettably, each year we have to acknowledge that such a time has yet to come and this is particularly and tragically true of 2023.


That time of the year has come when the clubs will be restarting. If you haven’t been before then we’d be delighted to see you, we’re a friendly lot.  New members are always welcome so ‘come and have a go’.

Bowls starts on Tuesday, 24th October from 7pm (Contact: Alan Duff on 700232)

Badminton on Wednesday, 1st November from 6.45pm for juniors and 7.30pm for adults (Contact: Frances Harrold on 700339)

Walking netball on Thursday, 2nd November from 7-8pm (Contact: Sue Brown on 792314)

Crafts on Sunday, 5th November from 2-4pm (Contact Margo Wordie on 700243)

And a big thank you to Alan, Brian and Marion for remarking the lines in the Hall.

Ducks survive dook

Back in August we saw the return of the much-anticipated Glass Duck Race, where participants eagerly watched as rubber ducks raced down the burn, vying for the top spots and fantastic prizes. One of the standout moments of the day was when Sylvia, beaming with delight, was presented with the first prize of £50 for her duck’s outstanding performance in the race. The competition was fierce, and Sylvia’s triumphant victory was met with cheers and applause from the supportive crowd.

Second place was secured by Dianne Scott, and it was Jenny who sold the winning ticket. The excitement didn’t stop there, as the third prize went to Ellie, whose ticket was sold by Margo. Unfortunately, neither Ellie nor Dianne were present to collect their prizes, but their achievements were celebrated nonetheless.

The event was a resounding success, with everyone coming together to enjoy a wonderful afternoon despite the looming threat of rain. Laughter, friendly conversations, and the joy of community camaraderie filled the air, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that encapsulated the spirit of Glass.

None of this would have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the event organizers and helpers who were too many to mention. A special mention goes to Eoin Harrold for generously providing his telehandler, which played a crucial role in transporting the rubber ducks safely to the starting line for the race.

In total we made £447.82 from the event, and we would like to thank everyone for buying tickets and for their kind donations on the day. This money will go towards upgrading the new kitchen with an accessible workspace for the children from Glass Primary.

Glass Inaugural Beer Festival September 2023

The inaugural Glass Beer Festival was held a couple of weeks back. It was a great success for a first go, with about 140 people coming through the doors across the day. It was a long event – from 2 to 11pm, but this allowed a lot of different age ranges to be involved. We had games on the green space organised by Fiona Hill for the children, indoor pub games in the Hall, and a place to have a sit to speak with neighbours.  It was great to see new faces to the Hall, with people from Auchindoun, Dufftown & Huntly directions visiting. It got pretty loud in the Hall in the afternoon, with the food and drink going down really well. The pies were tasty, hot dogs married to the beer just lovely, and plenty of snacks for the younger folk. Tea, coffee and soft drinks were welcomed by the drivers.

The beer selection was good, with the community’s favourites being Cairngorm Gold, Windswept Wolf, Spey Valley Spey’s Cadet and Spey Valley Lager. Having cask ale at the Hall is a new thing, and more generally it’s a rare thing to see in the North East of Scotland – direct from the barrel into the glass.

Our aim was to raise money for the new kitchen appliances, as the school would like to use the Hall for cookery lessons. We’ve now done the numbers and we raised over £300 which isn’t bad for a first run of an event when we didn’t know how many people would attend. Marc Day scratched his head a lot about the quantities of beer to bring in!

Events don’t happen without the volunteers who make it happen. You know who you are, so thank you for a long but rewarding day, along with the set up & break down phases which are equally long. Thanks also to our suppliers, and in particular David MacDonald from Spey Valley Brewery who loaned us  the beer dispensing machine free of charge.

We’ll do the next one in two years, with some lessons learned from the first run.