Glass Remembered … Moved to Canada

The following is a list of known people who were born in Glass and died in Ontario, Canada:

  • THOMAS DOW, born about 1784 Glass, farmer, died 27 June 1870 in Wellington, Ontario, Canada
  • JESSIE GRANT, born Glass about 25 May 1839, widow, retired, parents Alexander Dyker and Elizabeth Richardson, died 30 June 1911 in Kent, Ontario, Canada
  • GEORGE TAYLOR, born about 1819 Glass,  yeoman, died 27 November 1875 in Wellington, Ontario, Canada
  • JESSIE WILLIAMSON, born about 10 April 1851 Glass, widow, father, Wm McIrvine, died January 1931, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada

The following people were born in Glass and served with Canadian Forces in World War 1:

  • JOHN BERRY  born 21 March 1893 Glass  – a brother is on the Glass War Memorial and another is believed to be on the Insch Memorial
  • ROBERT GRANT born 11 January 1888 Glass Residence Ruth, Manitoba
  • JAMES MACAULAY born 21 May 1885 Glass father Duncan Macaulay
  • ROBERT ROBERTSON born 9 December 1891 Glass
  • ROBERT SOUTER born 23 March 1888 Glass, Aberdeenshire. Click here to find out more about Robert Souter.


Canadian Arrivals 1920-1923:

  •  Mrs Annie W. Taylor: born Glass about 1864: age56: arrived Quebec June 1920: ship Cassandra
  •  Charlotte Simpson: born Glass about1894: age 26: arrived Quebec July 1920: ship Canada
  •  Catherine Cheetham: born Glass 1900: age 20: arrived Quebec September 1920: ship Empress of Britain
  •  Jean Smith: born Glass about1898: age 23: arrived Saint John, New Brunswick May 1921: ship Empress of France
  •  Alexander Smith: born Glass about1891: age 30: arrived Quebec April 1921: ship Canada
  •  James Alexander Duff: born Glass about 1897: age 24: arrived Quebec May 1921: ship Megantic
  •  Olive Jean Berry: born Glass about 1901: age 20: arrived Quebec September 1921: ship Tunisian
    • NB: Two brothers of Olive Jean Berry are named on the Glass War Memorial.
    • Olive was going to Canada to join another brother John  who fought with the Canadian Forces in WW1
  •  Charlotte Robertson: born Glass about 1876: age 45: arrived Quebec October 1921: ship Cassandra
  •  Margaret Dyker: born Glass about 1889: age 33: arrived Quebec May 1922: ship Saturnia
  •  Alexander Gauld: born Glass about 1883: age 39: arrived Quebec June 1922: ship Minnedosa
  •  Robert Stuart: born Glass about 1850: age 72: arrived Quebec October 1922: ship Cassandra
  •  Alfred G. McCurrach: born Glass about 1907: age 16: arrived Saint John, New Brunswick February 1923: ship Marburn
  •  Thomas Gauld: born Glass about 1887: age 36: arrived Saint John, New Brunswick February 1923: ship Marburn
  •  David Mair Wood: born Glass about 1905: age 18: arrived Quebec June 1923: ship Marioch
  • Osbert Wilson Wood: born Glass about1902: arrived Quebec June 1923: ship Marioch
  • James Dow: born Glass about1894: age 29: arrived Quebec September 1923: ship Marburn

4 thoughts on “Glass Remembered … Moved to Canada

  1. Jerry Archibald

    I have others who also came to Canada, John Archibald is my great great grandfather.
    His siblings who also came to Canada were;
    Ann born Dec 16, 1825 died Feb 2, 1914 in Ontario, Canada
    Christan born July 1, 1831 in Glass died Oct 7,1918 in Ontario, Canada

    1. Glass Community Association

      Thanks for sharing this Jerry.
      It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like to leave “home” and travel by sea to somewhere completely unknown and then to start a new life. But so people many bravely did so.

  2. Jerry Archibald

    John Archibald born about Feb 18, 1823 in Glass, died Dec 28, 1881 in Bruce Mines,Ontario.


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