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The “Glass Remembered …” web pages contain photographs, historical records and fascinating information that show how and what it was like to live in Glass in days gone by. Unless otherwise stated, most of the information on the “Glass Remembered …” pages has been kindly provided by Marina Alexander.  Marina is indebted to both the late Mr Gordon, a historian with a special interest in Glass and the late Miss Gilchrist of Roselea, who so willingly helped Marina gain her knowledge of the Glass area.

A recent change to the website means that some of the links below are not working correctly, please bear with us whilst we try and correct this. Please contact secretary@glasscommunityassociation with any queries.

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13 thoughts on “Glass Remembered …

  1. Ross Miller

    Good morning: Did I send you a photo of my forebears James Bremner of Westerpark and Maggie Duff of Parkhaugh at their new home in NZ? If not, let me know and I will send with a small story.

    Ross Miller in New Zealand

    PS: I am still chasing a high res copy of the photo you published on Cumming Duff jnr and his family. Would you be able to contact the contributor on my behalf?

    1. secretary glasscommunityassociation

      Hello Ross, I’m sorry I haven’t got to your message until now. I don’t think that we have received any photos from you, but happy to take them with a story and publish them on our site. I did contact the Duff family that I know but they did not respond. The photo may not have originally come from the family as there is a local historian who has updated most of the historical side of the site. I am sorry we were not able to help. Kind regards, Secretary

  2. Donna Fraser

    Wow! I’ve just spent an interesting evening reading articles, newspaper highlights, looking at postcards and pictures and am amazed at all the information that has been added since I last visited this website. Thank you Marina and the others that have worked to share your research with those of us who live far away. It is very much appreciated. Well done and thank you.
    Donna Fraser

    1. Glass Community Association Post author

      Hi Donna,

      Thank you for your nice comments. We are happy you find the website interesting.

      Take care

      Glass Community Association

  3. Margaret Thomson

    Hi Margaret, just noticed your request in Glass Remembered regarding Jessie Strachan, dressmaker in Glass. I have a digital photograph of Jessie (born 1846) with her daughter Jean Dunbar taken, I think, in 1892, prior to Jean emigrating to Malta, Montana. My grandmother, Janet Niven, who moved to Glass in 1902, was obviously friendly with Jessie to have been given this photo. Sorry I have no more information but please let me know if you would like a copy of the photo. Regards Margaret Thomson

  4. Margaret Hubble

    I am trying to find out more about Jessie Strachan, dressmaker, who lived at Glass all her life, dying 10 December 1929 at the age of 83. She had several children, but was not married. She was a dressmaker. I have her in the census returns and the births/deaths of her children, but wonder if there is any way to find out more about her life there. She did not appear in Kirk Session Minutes when her children were born. I have a death notice for her, but nothing else in the newspapers.

  5. Lorna Changleng

    What a wonderful site. Many thanks for all your hard work and efforts in both collating and researching the information. Your site has provided me with a wealth of information in relation to recent Family History research. I am the great granddaughter of Charles Mitchell of Hillockhead and the great great granddaughter of Alexander Mitchell of Picktillum. If anyone had any photographs pertaining to either family members or photos of Hillockhead / Picktillum, I would most grateful if people would be willing to share. Thank you again.

    1. Glass Community Association Post author

      Thank you very much for your kind comments.
      If we receive any information we will pass it on to you.

      Glass Community Association

  6. Malcolm Hay

    Sadly, I do not have any photographs of Butterwards, but I do remember the last inhabitant, Geordie Duncan very well. While flanking during a driven grouse day at Edinglassie, he was peppered by one of the guns. When he appeared after the drive with blood pouring from his lip, my father rushed up to ask him if he was all right – “Afa het” was Geordie’s typically laconic reply as he wandered off to the next drive, completely unfazed by what had happened.

    I also remember Willie Watt of Back o’Hill and his tractor sitting in the middle of the Deveron having run off from the very steep slope below the farm. Having taken the grazing of Gouls, Waterside and Back o’Hill for the past several years, I have had one or two frights myself negotiating those slippery, steep slopes!

  7. Adrian Sangster

    My family were crofters and farmers in the Beldorney area for over 200 years. The Duncan/Jamiesons at Craigwatch, Craigdorney & Butterwards. The Watts at Back o’hill then my granny (Mary Watt) and grandad (William Duncan) were at Waterside, Gouls for almost 50 years before retiring to Backside in the late 1980’s. On the other branch of the family tree were the Winks at Markethill & Hillockhead who were the local Blacksmiths. Wondered if anyone had any photos of Butterwards because there doesn’t seem to be any in our family albums.

    1. Glass Community Association Post author

      Hi Adrian
      Thank you for your note on the Glass Community Association Website. Let’s see if anyone has photos of Butterwards to share.

    2. Marina Alexander

      Hi Adrian,
      I am sorry I don’t have a photo of Butterwards, but I do have some information on the Watt/Duncan/Wink families taken from various newspapers if that would be of interest to you.


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