Glass Remembered … Poor Roads

From the Huntly Express –  1921

It is a letter to the Clerk of Huntly District Committee from E. Allan Cameron, Blairmore, Glass who is believed to be the great grand father of David Cameron the current Prime Minister.


“I feel that the present deplorable state of the Huntly, Glass, Cabrach road and indeed all the roads in Glass Parish must be of concern to yourselves as it is to all users of the road.  During the war we were content to suffer in silence and watch the roads being daily destroyed by timber hauling and neglect, but the armistice is now 3 years old and our roads go from bad to worse and are positively dangerous for night driving.

Will they ever be restored?  Labour must surely be plentiful during the existing disastrous conditions of employment.  All that seems to be done is a little clearing of the ditches and a little throwing of loose earth into the craters on the roads, but any attempt to reconstruct the surface none whatever.  Heaps of metal lying along the sides of the roads seem to indicate that work may be about to proceed.  The coal strike is now over and possibly the road roller can once more function”

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