Glass Remembered …. Policemen

After some searching, Marina Alexander has found names of the policemen who served at Glass, but if anyone else can add any further information about them or can update the information provided we would be delighted to hear from you. You can make your comments using the comment form below this page. You can click on the photos for a larger image.

 Glass Policemen

JOHN PATILLO –  from 1902 until 1911

THOMAS MITCHELL –  from 1911 until 1919

CHARLES MOIR – s from 1919 until 1922

PC William Stephen WILLIAM STEPHEN –  from 1923 until 1927
It is believed this photo may be a photo of PC  William Stephen and Marina Alexander’s mother taken at Glass.
If someone can positively identify him, that would be great! Please leave a comment in the section below this page.




JOHN BARRON –  from 1927 until 1934
From the Press & Journal 1969


Older readers in Huntly, Cairnie and Glass learned early in the week of the death in Aberdeen of Mr John Barron, who was a police constable in Glass from 1928 till 1934.  He was 73 and had been retired since 1948. Mr Barron will be remembered because of his intense love of sport. He was a keen amateur footballer and enthusiastic at hammer-throwing etc.  Quoiting and draughts were also among his interests. He is survived by his wife, three sons and two daughters.

JAMES LEITH –  from 1934 until  (assumed) 1937

JOHN DONALDSON – from 1937 until 1938

PC Donald McleanDONALD MCLEAN  – from 1938 until 1959






From Marina Alexander:

This snippet was  taken from an old document – no date I am afraid – but I know that in 1941 my father got an allowance of £10 per annum if he had a motor-cycle and £15 per annum if he had  car!

“When the bicycle was becoming popular, the authorities were quick to see the advantages of having men capable of riding the bike.  At certain rural stations, Glass for example, the constable was awarded an allowance of £1 a year if he had a cycle and kept it in good order.”

I guess the policemen who were in Glass in the early 1900’s would have had a bicycle!



Aberdeen Weekly Journal 27th June 1919

A representative company from Glass and Cairnie met in the Royal Oak Hotel, Huntly on Friday evening to do honour to Mr Thomas Mitchell, who has just retired from the Aberdeen County Constabulary after 38 years’ service.  Mr Mitchell has been for the past eight years in charge of the Glass and Upper Cabrach districts and now retires on pension.   Entering the police force in May 1881, he was first stationed at Fraserburgh and subsequently at Belhelvie, Kintore, Strathdon, Blackburn and Glass.

Aberdeen Journal 18th July 1911

Presentation – On the invitation of Mr and Miss Ross, Mr and Mrs Patillo, Police Station, were invited to the Manse on Wednesday evening, along with a few friends.  There was a general feeling in the district that after 9 ½ years’ service, Mr John Patillo could not be allowed to leave without some acknowledgement of his services.  The Rev. Mr Ross in making the presentation, referred to Mr Patillo’s quiet and inoffensive way in which he had discharged his duty during the 9 /2 hears which he had been amongst them.  He asked Mr and Mrs Patillo to accept, in name of the subscribers, a writing desk and purse and sovereigns and a gold brooch.  Mr Patillo suitably replied.  The company were hospitably entertained by Mr and Miss Ross.  Mr Patillo leaves on Monday to take up duty as hall-keeper in Braemar.

3 thoughts on “Glass Remembered …. Policemen

  1. Sandy Horn

    My grandfather, George Horn was a retired police officer who lived at Waterside of Blairmore with my Grandmother, Annie.

    I spent many a happy Easter/summer there with them when my dad, George Gauld Horn was on leave from the Royal Navy.


    Alexander (Sandy) Horn.

    1. Glass Community Association Post author

      Hi Alastair,
      Marina Alexander has replied to your query as follows….
      Regarding the police station. It depends I think what period in time you are talking about. I believe it was where the house called Braehead is now – you know at the top of the road leading from the Haugh. Then latterly it was at Waterside – behind Blairmore House.
      These are the only two places I know of – hope that helps with the query

      kind regards
      Glass Community Association


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