Glass Remembered …. Home Guard’s Parting Song

Whilst visiting the Library in Huntly, Marina came upon this little poem written by V.G.P.H.G. obviously a member of the Glass Home Guard!   Perhaps the last two initials refer to the Home Guard but just who was V.G.P ?   Victor Gordon Pirie? Vance George Proctor?  If you know please do let us know by adding a commnet at the foot of this web page of by contacting us by clicking here.

Home Guard’s Parting Song

Home Guard’s Parting Song is loosely based on “Gae Bring Tae Me a Pint o’ Wine”  which Robert Burns wrote when he was a member of the Dumfries Volunteers.

Gae bring tae me a pint o’ draught

And fil it in a siller tassie,

That I may drink ere I set aff

Tae man the post at Edinglassie.

Aul’ Hitler’s noo gane ravin’ mad,

At Stalin’ he is fairly billin’,

He’s stappit Goering in the quad,

An’s commin’ ower tae tak’ oor islan’


Gae bring tae me, etc

There’s shock troops up Glenmarkie Howe.

There’s parachutists on Strathinnan.

Dick’s petrol pump is in a lowe,

The war in Glass is but beginnin’.

McIrvine soun’s the battle-call,

Ralph his the convoy stan’in ready,

The shouts o’ Kerr do rend the air,

An’ Garrow’s roarin’ “Steady, steady”.


Gae bring tae me, etc

We hae nae tanks nor heavy guns,

Our aircraft’s nae but in the makkin’,

But gin we scare awa’ the Huns,

We ken they’ve plenty for the takkin’.

We’re airmed weel on ilka han’

Wi’ rifles an’ wi high explosive,

Forby an unco gweed comman’

O’ language strong an’ maist abusive.

Gae bring tae me, etc.

We’ve queetikins tae kep the dubs,

We’ve specs an’ moo-pyocks jined thegither,

Oor heids are cled wi pyowter dubs,

Tae haud’s secure fae shot an’ weather.

We’re riggit noo, we’ll push awa’,

An’ throu’ the heather some maun walloch,

Ere mornin’ licht, ye’ll see, we’ll ca’

The nesty vratches ower the Balloch.

Gae bring tae me, etc.

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