Glass Remembered …. Home Guard Auxiliaries


AITKEN, A.    Wester Bodylair

BISSET, G.      Cottown

BLACK, A.      Easter Braeton

BRANDER, A.      Terryhorn

CHEYNE, A.      Corsmaul

COULL, A.   Newbigging Cottage

DOW, A.   Midtown of Bellyhack

DUFF, A.   Wester Corrie

DUNCAN, G.   Butterwards

DUNCAN, J.   Newley of Auchendoun

DUNCAN, R.   Newton of Glenmarkie

GAULD, T.   Blackbog

GAULD, W.   Auldyne

INNES, G.   Drumduan

JAMIESON, J.   Glenbeg

JAMIESON, W.   Cotterton

JESSIMAN, A.   Waterside

JESSIMAN, R.    Backside

KEIR, A.   Belcherrie

LEMON, J.   Lettoch

LEMON, J.    Westfold

MATHEWS, W.   Corshalloch

MORRISON, A.   Slogan

McGRIMMOND, A.   Malach

McHARDIE, P.   Easter Corrie

McIRVINE, J.   Brownhill

NICOL, L.    Chapel Hill

PIRIE, J.   Townhead

PIRIE, J.   Upper Hilton

ROBERTSON, A.   Aswanley

ROBSON, J.   Easter Bodylair

SHAW, W.   Brownhill

SHEARER, C.   Timberford

SIMPSON, A.   Barefold

SIMPSON, P.   Succoth

SMART, J.   Wester Braeton

SMITH, J.   Lynbain

SMITH, M.   Glenmarkie

STEPHEN, A.    Little Gowls

STEPHEN, P.   Chapel Hill

THOMSON, A.    Haugh of Glass

THOMSON,  l?   Greens of Glenbeg

WATT, J.   Back o’ Hill

WATT, J.   Corshalloch



Mrs AITKEN      Wester Bodylair

Mrs DUFF      Wester Corrie

Mrs MATHEWS      Mains of Blairmore

Mrs McBAIN     Beldornie Cottages

Mrs McIRVINE      Mains of Cairnborrow

Mrs ROBSON      Playlands

Mrs SIMPSON      Terryhorn

Mrs SMITH      Glenmarkie




Mrs DUNCAN J.     Mains of Edinglassie

Mrs GAULD    Invermarkie Cottage

Miss GORDON, O.      Market Hill

Mrs INGLEBY     Invermarkie Lodge

Mrs MACKIE     Edinglassie Kennels

Miss McKENZIE     Manse of Glass

Mrs McPHERSON     Braehead

Mrs PINSENT    Edinglassie Lodge

Mrs RAMSAY     Haugh of Glass

Miss RATTRIE     Market Road

Mrs ROBERTSON     Invermarkie Farm

Mrs SMITH    Haugh of Glass

Mrs SPRUCE   Market Hill

Mrs STEWART    Market Hill

Mrs WATSON    Schoolhouse

Mrs WATSON     Invermarkie Cottage

Mrs WATT     Blairmore Cottage

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