Glass Remembered … Goshen Epilogue

Arthur Wood and his cousin Janice Mitchell have been carrying out research into Goshen.  Janice  has carried out the bulk of the research on the Smith side of the family. Goshen was their great-grandfather (in Arthur’s case maternal, in Janice’s case paternal). We are grateful to Arthur and Janice for allowing us to share some of the information they have discovered as shown below.  You can click on each of the cuttings for a larger version.

Huntly Express 14 October 1876
Trespass On Duke Of Richmond & Gordon’s Estate


001_Huntly Express_14 October 1876_Trespass On Duke Of Richmond & Gordeon's Estate


Huntly Express 17 March 1888
Raid On Craigdorney


002_Huntly Express_17 March 1888_Raid On Craigdorney


Huntly Express 21 April 1888
Smuggling Court Case

003_Huntly Express_21 April 1888_Smuggling Court Case


Huntly Express 14 May 1892
Goshen Passes (1)

004_Huntly Express_14 May 1892_Sheet 1_Goshen Passes


Huntly Express 14 May 1892
Goshen Passes (2)

005_Huntly Express_14 May 1892_Sheet 2_Goshen Passes


Huntly Express Nov. 1895
Ann McAdam Passes, Goshen’s Third Wife

006_Huntly Express_Nov. 1895_Ann McAdam Passes, Goshen's Third WIfe


Strathbogie’s Last Smuggler_PUBLIC VERSION_2023






3 thoughts on “Glass Remembered … Goshen Epilogue

  1. janice mitchell


    I have just seen your post as it has been a while since I have looked at the family tree, as with everyone just now I have a bit of time on my hands and thought I would look up the Glass site. I am Janice Mitchell and my dad John Smith was the Goshens grandson by Annie McAdam. Ihave been up too the Fiddichside Inn with Arthur in 2016 an I am aware of its history.
    Maybe Arthur has been in touch with you as he put most of the family tree together in charts.

    Kind Regards

  2. John Charles Lockwood

    I am John Lockwood a great grandson of James Smith ( Goshen ) . My mother was Bessie Smith of Fiddichside Inn , Craigellachie, I live in Leeds Yorkshire. Please could you pass on this information to Arthur Wood and Janice Mitchell.

    1. Glass Community Association Post author

      We have contacted Arthur about your note and, with his agreement, we have passed to him your details so that he can get in touch with you.
      Glass Community association


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