Glass Remembered … Glass Kirk Session Minutes 1842 – 1912

Items of Possible Interest From Glass Kirk Session Minutes 1842 – 1912

20th June 1847
The Session considering the propriety of adding to their numbers by the election of new members of Session, after deliberating on the subject, agreed to recommend that the following persons be appointed for that purpose – Messrs Arthur Stephen, Schoolhouse,  John Taylor, Gouls,  William Craig, Terryhorn and Alexander Forbes, Netherton and that an edict to that effect be served from the pulpit on the 27th June next ensuing, calling on the Parishioners to object if they know of anything objectionable, to the principles, life or conversation of any or all of these individuals and certifying that unless so objected to, these persons will be forthwith elected Elders and Members of this Kirk Session

1st May 1859
The Session taking into their consideration the desirableness or electing a Lay Elder of their number to represent them in the Presbytery of Strathbogie and Synod of Moray, unanimously agreed to nominate, as they hereby do nominate and appoint, Mr Arthur Stephen, Schoolmaster of this Parish and a member of this Kirk Session, as their Lay Elder willing him to attend the different meetings of the Presbytery and Synod which may happen during the year from this date, there to sit and vote and to act in all respects according to the rules of the Church and they appoint this their election to be intimate to the Revd. The Presbytery of Strathbogie at their next meeting

31st May 1876
The Revd Dr Duguid, Minister of this Parish, having in consequence of failing health, applied to the Presbytery of Strathbogie for the appointment of an Assistant and Successor, and the Presbytery having in a meeting held here on the 16th May current, granted said application after citation of the Parishioners, and appointed Mr Annand, Moderator of Kirk Session, in terms of the Assembly’s regulations for the election and appointment of Ministers, appointed the Kirk Session to meet here, this day to receive and consider such claims as might be lodged by persons desiring to be enrolled as members of the congregation, qua adherents, and to make up a list of the names and designations of those persons whom it is proposed to place on the roll of the congregation as Communicants and adherents respectively.

The Session Clerk intimated that claims had been lodged with him by the five following persons to be placed on the Roll, namely

1st Mr Alexander Geddes, Farmer, Invermarkie
2 Charlotte Geddes, his sister
3 Thomas Dow, Servant, Invermarkie
4 James Craig, Servant, Invermarkie
5 James Robertson, Farmer, Invermarkie
The Session unanimously sustained these claims

Thereafter the Session Clerk submitted also a list of the names and designation of the Communicants, which was examined and approved.  The Session then added the names of the Adherents, to the list of the Communicants and resolved that in terms of Regulation No. IV intimation be made from the pulpit on Sabbath first, June 4th that said list of Communicants and Adherents be open to inspection at the residence of Mr Stephen, Session Clerk on Monday first.

Further the Kirk Session resolved to meet here on Tuesday first at 12 o’clock noon to revise and adjust said list to hear any party having an interest and thereafter to make up the Roll of the Congregation

1st June 1887
George Gordon who for upwards of forty years had held the office of Beadle and Grave-digger for the Parish intimated to the Session his resignation of these offices on the grounds of his advanced age and failing health.  The Session accepted his resignation and agreed to give him a retiring allowance of £5 a year and also to record in their minutes their appreciation of his long and faithful service.

The Session resolved to advertise the vacant offices and to make the appointment at their next monthly meeting should they find a suitable man.

6th July 1887
The Session considered the applications received for the vacant offices of Beadle and gravedigger and unanimously agreed to appoint William Robertson, Shoemaker, Market Hill to enter on his duties at once and to be paid at the rate of £5 per annum.  The Session to make up to that sum the payments made by the Heritors

3rd August 1890
The Moderator reported that Mr John Rogers, Huntly had kindly agreed to give lessons in Psalmody to the Choir and the Moderator was authorised to pay all expenses connected

4th November 1894
The Clerk reported that he had received from Mr George Duff a letter dated October 15th resigning his office of Organist as at the 28th inst.  The Session expressed their regret and desired to record their sense of Mr Duff’s faithful services.  The Session then unanimously appointed Miss Sara Robertson, Blairmore to be Organist at the same salary – £7 10 shillings per annum as they had paid Mr Duff

August 4th 1895
It was reported on behalf of the Committee at last meeting that Wm Robertson, Church Officer had decided to adhere to his letter of resignation but that he was willing to continue in office till a successor was appointed.  The Session resolved to advertise the vacancy

3rd November 1895
The Session after due consideration agreed to appoint Mr James Gordon, crofter, Broadbog to the vacant Offices of Church Officer and Sexton to enter on his duties  at the term of Martinmas next and to receive as salary £7 10 shillings per annum in addition to his charges for the graves dug by him

17th September 1899
Objections having been called against the ordination as Elders of James Bennet; George Brander: James Gartly: William Robertson: James Shand and David Wood and none having been offered it was resolved to proceed to their ordination: Having been duly ordained, received the right hand of fellowship and were received as members of the Kirk Session.   The Act of Subscription was read to them by the Moderator and they subscribed the required Formula

9th February 1900
It was unanimously agreed that Mr David Wood, MA Schoolhouse – one of the elders, should be appointed Session Clerk, which office had been vacant since the death of Mr John Simon

7th April 1901
The Moderator reported that as arranged at last meeting, he had seen Miss Jeannie Duff, Parkhaugh and that she had agreed to act as organist in room of Miss Robertson, resigned, as the salary of £10 per annum.

1st April 1902
The Moderator reported that he had received a letter from Miss Jeannie Duff, organist, resigning the office as she was leaving the Parish.  The Session expressed their regret at losing her services and resolved to advertise for a successor at a salary of £12

6th July 1902
Referring to the vacancy in the office of organist, the Moderator stated that three applications had been received – one from Huntly and two from within the Parish. He however informed the Session that he had seen Miss Jeannie Duff last week, and that she had expressed to him her readiness to continue to act as organist as she was meantime to remain at home.  The Session unanimously agree to allow her to withdraw her resignation

15th February 1903
The Moderator submitted to the Kirk Session, Plans and Specifications by Mr John Robertson, Architect, Inverness for the Extension and Renovation of the Church.  He also intimated that he had received in actual and promised Subscription a sum which, along with the proceeds of the Bazaar proposed to be held in August, would be expected be sufficient to meet the whole cost of this work.

The Kirk Session unanimously and cordially resolved to go on at once with the work, undertaking that all the cartages for the builder, would be done by the Congregation and the Moderator was asked to instruct the Architect to advertise and take in offers at once from contractors

27th March 1904
On this day the Church was reopened for Public Worship after being enlarged and renovated according to plans by Mr Robertson, Architect, Inverness as referred to in former minutes

3rd April 1904
The Moderator reported that Miss Jeannie Duff, organist had again placed her resignation in his hands and the Kirk Session agreed to accept the same and to appoint Mr Joseph Dunbar, Huntly to act as interim organist until the beginning of July at which date he informed the Moderator he would begin his duties as organist in the Huntly UF Church.  His salary to be at the rate of £20 per annum.  It was agreed to advertise for an organist to succeed Mr Dunbar at the date mentioned

7th August 1904
The Moderator reported that he had received only one application for the situation of organist – from Miss Duguid, the Schoolhouse, Beldorney and the Kirk Session agreed to appoint her at the salary of £15 per annum

8th July 1906
The Moderator intimated that the organ which as the Kirk Session were aware – Sir Frederick Bridges was to present to the Church as a Memorial of his wife, was now nearly finished and that the builder would have it collected early next month.  He also intimated that the Opening Service would be held on Sunday August 19th and that Sir Frederick would himself preside at the organ on that occasion

7th June 1908
The Moderator intimated that he had received a letter from Miss Duguid, organist intimating that she desired to resign her position as at the end of July as she was leaving the Parish.  In her letter she thanked the Moderator and members of Session for their invariable kindness during the years she had acted as organist

5th July 1908
Four applications for the vacant organist’s situation were laid before the meeting and after consideration it was agreed to ask the two candidates whose testimonials seemed best – Miss Fraser, Huntly and Miss Taylor, Keith, to play at the Ordinary Service on the next two Sundays and that after hearing them, the Kirk Session would make the appointment

August 2nd 1908
Having heard the candidates play the organ – in terms of last minute and having heard the opinions of members of the Congregation of their playing, the Kirk Session proceeded to make an appointment and after due consideration it was found that a majority were in favour of Miss Taylor of Keith.  She was therefore duly appointed organist at the salary of £25 a year and to enter on the duties on Sunday August 23rd

6th October 1909
This being the first meeting since the sad and fatal accident to Mr David Wood MA, one of their number and Session Clerk, the Kirk Session resolved to record their sense of the loss they have sustained.  Mr Wood was a strong Churchman and an enthusiastic member of the choir.  The Session also desires to express their deepest sympathy with Mrs Wood and her family in their sudden bereavement

3rd November 1909
The Moderator laid before the Kirk Session the resignation of the office of Beadle by James Gordon, Quarryhead, who had held office for fourteen years.  He was much crippled with rheumatism and was going to Huntly to live.  The Kirk Session accepted the resignation and resolved to record their sense of his faithful services.  After consideration the Kirk Session unanimously appointed Mr John Robertson to be Beadle and Church Officer at a salary of £5 and to enter on his duties at the term of Martinmas next

26th January 1911
The Session had before them a letter from Miss Taylor their organist resigning her position as she was going out to America.  The Session expressed their regret at losing her valued services and remitted to the Moderator to advertise for a successor.

14th February 1911
The Moderator reported that he had advertised in the local papers for an organist as he was requested to do at last meeting and that he had had two applications.  One from Mr Chas Diveri, Huntly a son of the organist there and the other from Miss Jessie McGregor, Dufftown.  Both were well recommended.  After consideration it was agreed to ask them to play on the two following Sundays before the congregation before making the appointment – Mr Diveri on Sunday March 19th and Miss McGregor on Sunday March 26th

2nd April 1911
Having heard the candidates play the organ and having heard the opinions of the members of the Congregation, the Kirk Session agreed to appoint Miss Jessie McGregor, Dufftown to be their organist at a salary of £25 per annum and to begin her duties on the last Sunday of April, the Communion Sunday

23rd January 1912
Mr John Robertson having resigned the office of Beadle it was unanimously agreed to appoint Mr James Gordon at a salary of £6 to begin his duties at once

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