Glass Remembered … Glass Female School

Glass Female School  ( the old school at the Church – now a house)

17 January 1872
The female school which was in the same building as the old school at the Church, was opened on the 17 January 1872.  Rev Wm Duguid introduced the teacher Helen Guthrie and a half holiday was given.  The roll was 7 pupils.  By the 22 January three more had come to school and on the 29 January the roll was 18.  On the 12 February, they numbered 24.  On the 8 March, 2 pupils and left, they had entered only for half a quarter.  On 11 March 1872 Mr Duguid called to say the school is to be under Government Inspection.  The Inspectors visit is fixed for March 1873.  Next day 12th Dr Duguid called with Rev Mr Cushnie of Huntly and Rev Mr Thomson of Gartly, but made no examination of the school owing to its having been so long vacant, previous to the present teacher entering on her duties.  Lessons were very spasmodic on account of the pupils going away to work in the summer time and returning after a lapse of many weeks.  On the 19 July 1872 the school closed for what was termed the Communion holidays.  They reopened on the 16 July.  Then for the annual Glass Market the school was closed for 2 days 30 and 31 July.  On 20 August the summer holidays started for 6 weeks, but they were extended to 8 weeks on account of the late harvest.  It opened on 29 October but as only one pupil turned up, the school closed for another week.  When it did reopen on the 4 November only 4 turned up and they were sent home at 1 o’clock.  On 24 December 1872 the Xmas holidays of 1 week were given.  28 Feb 1873 the system of marks seemed to work well in causing more careful preparation of lessons.  Rev Dr Duguid called to intimate the arrival of Government papers.

5 March 1873
Rev Dr Duguid called to intimate the Inspector’s visit which takes place on the 14th inst.  The school was duly inspected on the 14th by Mr John Kerr, HM Inspector in presence of Dr Duguid and Mr Stephen and the teacher Helen Guthrie.

 Helen Guthrie appears to have been the first teacher, she was a certified teacher.  The report which Mr Duguid showed to the teacher on the 11 April said “A considerable number of the pupils here are girls who attend for a quarter or so for sewing only.  Hence the small presentation.  The exercises are done with great care and neatness and satisfactory accuracy.  Geography and Grammar are creditably attended to.  Very good industrial work.  One or two additional maps are required”

 The school was again inspected on the 31 March 1874 by Messrs Kerr and Biggam in presence of Mr Duguid, manager.  The report said “Both the attendance and presentation have increased since last year.  Grammar and Geography are above the average.  Miss Guthrie will shortly receive her certificate.”   Intimation of absentees was always given to the Officer in the early days.  On 20 Nov 1874 the hour of opening was advanced half an hour and the hour of dismissal changed to 3.30 pm.  Attendance was very irregular.  One pupil in April 1875 was readmitted after an absence of more than 9 months.  After the Government Exam of 1875 Helen Guthrie was classed as a certificated teacher 3rd class.

 Some repairs were carried out during 1875 and the school reopened on the 25 Oct instead of the 18th as the repair had not been completed.  The school was inspected by T. Stewart, Esq HM Inspector on the 9th March 1876 during a severe snowstorm.  Two days holidays were given at the request of the Inspector.  A good report was given. “A highly successful examination was given.  Writing on slates very good.  Fair in copy books.  Sewing very good”  2 days holiday were always given for Glass Market the last 2 days of July usually.

 25 August 1876
School opened for 4 days this week owing to Wednesday 23 being the day of the ordination of Rev D.M. Ross.  Miss Guthrie left Glass for an appointment at the commencement of the 6 week summer holiday period on the 31 August 1876.  She went to Bulwark, Old Deer.  On the 29 Oct 1876 an application for the post was received by the Kirk Session from Miss Christina Grant daughter of Mr Grant, schoolmaster, Atrloch.  She was the only applicant and was appointed.  She was to commence her duties on Wednesday 1stNovember 1876

  5th January 1877
Miss Grant states “Took charge of the school on Tuesday”  NOT SURE IF THERE WAS A TEACHER FROM 1 NOVEMBER 1876 UNTIL 5 JANUARY 1877

 Miss Grant wrote her reports in a neat style and on the 19 January 1877 there were 32 pupils present.  Fast Days were held then also.  On the 29 October the school reopened after the 6 week summer holiday period, which on this occasion was extended to 7 weeks.  Notwithstanding when the school opened on Tuesday 29 Oct only three pupils put in an appearance.  On 18 January 1878 one new girl enrolled for sewing only and one who had been absent for 9 months was enrolled for sewing.  Often the school was only open for four days and on the 2 August 1878 it was open for 2 days only due to the Glass Market and Communion.

 Report of HM Inspectors visit of 13 March 1879

“This little school is taught with care and credit.  Miss Grant will shortly receive her certificate”

On the 22 August 1879 Miss Ross the sister of the Minister visited the school and heard the children sing.  The first mention of boys attending is on the 14 November 1879 when the school opened for boys under 8 years.  Only one came at this time, a week later another came.  On the 5 March 1880 the roll numbered 37.

25th April 1881
The Inspectors report  says

“This school is taught with great care and credit.  The children are in excellent order, frank,, honest and polite and take a distinct interest in their work, which they perform with care, accuracy and intelligence”

Against this we have the teachers report for 24 June 1881. “Any little work done has been through force and amid much noise etc.”

 23 Dec 1881
Messrs Rev Ross and Macaulay visited the school as members of the Board and resolved to afford two new maps and slightly repair the fireplaces.

20 January 1882
42 names now on the roll.

6 Nov 1882
Singing was introduced into the school taught by Mr J.G. Innes, clerk to the School Board.  At the beginning of the summer holidays on the 29 August 1884 Miss Grant left and was succeeded by Miss Helen Faskin.  At the opening of the school on 17th October Rev D.M> Ross the Minister introduced Miss Faskin to the pupils.

18 March 1885
Inspectors report

“There has been a change of teacher since last inspection.  Results show tact, good sense, and capacity in management.  Order and tone are excellent etc.”

A holiday on Thursday 26 November 1885 owing to the Thanksgiving for a good harvest.

The annual report of 9 March 1888 says “The ventilation of the classroom is unsatisfactory and the building generally but ill adapted for school purposes.  The question of providing more efficient accommodation should receive early attention on the part of the Managers”

24 May 1889
Miss Faskin sent in her resignation which was accepted on the 31 May.  She left the school that day and Miss Scott who had taught the senior girls at the new school, went down to the old parochial school by the church that day.

 This finishes the entries in the log book of the Female School from Jan 1872 until 31 May 1889  Its  total time as a school for females.  Work had now started on an extension to the new school to accommodate the extra pupils.  

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