Glass Remembered …Funeral Invitations

Click here to view  photocopies of the “funeral invitations” which Louise Mangles (nee Nicol) has sent in the hope that they may be of interest to someone.

They refer to funeral dates for:

James Taylor, Wrightstone, Glass July 31st 1919
Thomas Duff Boghead, Glass 31st Aug. 1914
Elizabeth Souter, Markethill, Glass March 29 1913
David Wood, Schoolhouse, Glass Sept 6 1909
Thomas Dow, Howemill, Glass 6th October 1905
George Gauld, Cocklarchy 3rd Nov 1888

These were rescued from the croft beside the Edinglassie Kennels by Louise’s mother Sheila when the croft was cleared. Louise notes that there were many more but they were crumpled in a box in the attic part of the byre and her Mum only saved a few of the better ones which had actually been thrown onto the midden in the clear out.

William Gauld,  the old man who had lived in the croft, was a deaf mute. Louise can’t remember the actual name of the croft but she thinks it was Nether Dumeath. There was a mill lade and water mill at the end of the steadings on the side next to us in the Kennels. Sheila also recalls him becoming increasingly frail and when he fell behind with hoeing the turnips on his little bit of land Dad organised some of the other men around and they all went to finish the hoeing for him. My Grandfather George Gauld Duncan used to visit William at his croft and they conversed in sign language.  Louise thinks that anyone over the age of 75 who knew Glass back in the 40’s and 50’s would know all about this. Louise also remembers her Mum making tea for all the men. William had a daughter called Margaret who had a little boy called William.

Louise has an ancient oil lamp – a ‘crusey lamp’ rescued from the byre. The origins of the name ‘a widows cruse’  gave the name to the bereavement charity Cruse. Aberdeenshire as always, added the y to the name!”

If any descendant of the people concerned wants the original, please click here to contact us

We are grateful to both Louise Mangles (nee Nicol) and Marina Alexander for making these documents available.