Glass Remembered … Diptheria Outbreak

Diptheria Outbreak 1879

At Glass and within the Church 17 April 1879

Which day the Local Authority met being called together by special citation by the Clark.  Sederunt Rev Mr Ross, Chairman, with Messrs Mitchell, Gray, Bennet and Simon, members.

The Local Authority took into consideration the very fatal outbreak of DIIPTHERIA in the GLENMARKIE district and resolved to recommend the members of those households in which the disease had been, to do their utmost to prevent it spreading farther.  First by exercising all possible caution in their intercourse with their neighbours and Second, by carefully disinfecting whatever has come in contact with, or been used by, the patients.  For this purpose a basin of water containing “Condys Fluid” should be kept in the room and the cups, spoons etc that have been used, washed in it.  The Body Clothes and bed clothes should be steeped for a night in water to which “Condys Fluid” has been added, in the proportion of one wineglassful to a gallon of water and thereafter thoroughly washed and freely exposed to the air.  To disinfect the House after the illness, let the doors, windows and fireplaces  or out vents be closed and nothing removed from the room, then take three or four ounces of Flowers of Sulphur and burn on an iron shovel in the middle of the room, keeping the doors closed for three or four hours.

The Local Authority instruct their Clerk to communicate this  resolution to the parties who have suffered from the disease.

Duncan M. Ross, Chairman

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