Glass Remembered … Beldorney School


Beldorney School

The following information about Beldorney School pupils has been kindly provided by Adrian Sangster.

Adrian writes:

Beldorney School 1 

Back row – James Barron, Alan Fettes, George Fettes, James George, John Watt, Mrs Anderson, Willie Watt, Willie Horne, Albert Fettes.

Middle row – Meta MacBain, Hilda Gartly, Bunty Fraser, Barbara McWilliam, Helen Piper, Maggie Stronach, Mary (Polly) Watt, Daisy Watt, Ina Gauld.

Front row – Willie Gartly, Angus MacDougal, George Watt

Beldorney School 2

Back row – Joseph Reid, Mrs Anderson, James George, Mary Stephen, Janet Stephen, Ethel Fettes, Bessie Duncan, Dorothy MacDougal, John Watt, George Fettes.

Middle row – Helen Piper, Bella Anderson, Daisy Watt, Barbara McWilliam, Maggie Stonach, Bunty Fraser, Jean Dow, Polly Watt.

Front row – Willie Horne, Albert Fettes, Alan Fettes, Willie Watt, Robert Dow, Tom Dow.

Beldorney School 3

Beldorney School 4

I don’t have the years but based on the age that my grandmother, Mary (Polly) Watt, looks within them I’d suggest the photos are in the region of 1920 to 1927.

The Watt family resided at Back o’Hill (Gouls) from 1920 to 1981 when Willie Watt died. 

My Grandmother, married Wullie Duncan (formerly of Craigwatch, Craigdorney and Butterwards) and farmed at Waterside (Gouls) from circa 1940 until the mid 80’s when they retired to Backside, Beldorney.  My grandmother moved to Huntly in the early 90’s when my grandfather died.  She died at Scott’s Eventide Home in 2012, aged 98.

Below are some photos from a Beldorney Schools reunion held in the year 2000.  I will need to refer to my mother for the names of the people within those and will provide in due course.

Louise Mangles kindly provided this information for the photo above:

Back Row – Tommy & James Ingleby, Ian Smith, Willie Duncan, Sandy MacBain, Sandy Steven, Geordie Shand

Front Row – Florence Smith, Christine MacBain, Flora Duncan, Louise Nicol, Gladys & Elma Stevens, Sheila Nicol, Phylis Shearer, Anne Gardyne



I hope these will be of interest to your readers and I will provide further information as and when I discover it!