Glass Remembered … 1911 Census (England)

1911 Census (England)

The maiden names of the married  females born in Glass below are unknown at this time.  But perhaps you, the reader might recognise them !
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Jane Berryman
Born Glass about 1846, widow aged 65 Occupation Monthly Nurse, Midwife

Robert Bremner
Born Glass about 1841, widower aged 70 Occupation Police Pensioner

Annie Isabella Chappell
Born Glass about 1879, married aged 32: Husband John  Herbert Chappell, Cabinet Maker aged 41 born London: children Leonard aged 13: Charles aged 12: Elsie aged 8: Ruth aged 5 and Margaret aged 1

Jane Christie
Born Glass about 1858, married aged 53: Husband Alexander Christie, Police Pensioner & Coal Agent aged 51 born Tarves: children Alexander 30 and Bertha 32

Annie Cran
Born Glass about 1872, married aged 39: Husband Alexander Cran, Medical Practitioner aged 52 born Cabrach: child Sheila 7

Helen Cruickshank
Born Glass about 1858, married aged 53: Husband John Cruickshank, Police Inspector aged 51 born County of Banff: children Helen 26: Isabella 25: John 21 and Mary 19

Elizabeth Dobbs
Born Glass about 1859, married aged 52: Husband James Dobbs, Publican aged 52 born Wiltshire

Alexander Dyker
Born Glass about 1869, married aged 42 Occupation Gardener Domestic: wife Maggie aged 46 born Rosshire: children Annie 14; Charles 10 and Margaret 4

Isabella Edward
Born Glass about 1844, widow aged 67 mother in law of John Winton aged 35 .  His wife Ellen aged 33 born Huntly and child Alexander 3

Patrick Gauld
Born Glass about 1880, married aged 31, occupation Police Constable married to Florence aged 30 born Little Legh, Cheshire: children Sarah 3 and William 1

Mary Gauld
Born Glass about 1887, single aged 24, occupation Parlour Maid to Helen Taylor aged 63 born Edinburgh

Janet Gould
Born Glass about 1861, single aged 50, occupation Sick Nurse

Helen Hodgkinson
Born Glass about 1863, married aged 48: husband Arthur Edward Hodgkinson aged 57 Itinerant Preacher: children Emily 15, Alice 12, Arthur 10 and Katherine 7

John Howie
Born Glass about1856, married aged 55, occupation Storekeeper in Certified Reformatory; married to Isabella aged 54 born Huntly: children Mildred d23 and Margaret 21.

John Smith Innes
Born Glass about1859, married aged 52, occupation Hosier and Outfitter: married to Florence aged 39 born Buxton, Derbyshire: children Percival 17 and Florence 12

William Innes
Born Glass about1852 married aged 59, occupation Auctioneer and Estate Agent: married to Bessie aged 50 born Norwich: children William 26, Frederick 25, Frank 23, Alice 21, Edward 20, Leonard 16 and Winifred 13:

Elizabeth McLeod
Born Glass about 1876 married aged 35: husband Donald McLeod aged 38 Piper born Portree, Invernesshire: children Ruari 6, Sheila 5 and Reginald 3

Mary Milton
Born Glass about 1828, widow,  Boarder, Old Age Pensioner, living with Thomas Fraser, House Painter & Plumber b Bonarbridge, his wife Mary born Banffshire aged 43

Mary Mitchell
Born Glass, Banff about1862, married, aged 49: husband George Mitchell, occupation Wood working machinist aged 49 born Leslie: children George 25, John 22, Mary 20, Isabella 13 and Charles 8

Margaret Peddie
Born Glass about 1839, widow aged72:  daughter Jeannie, single aged 47 occupation Supervisor Telegraphs G.P.O. born Mortlach

Alexander Robertson
Born Glass about1859,  aged 52, occupation Clerk, married to Mary Robertson aged 52 born Keith: children George 25 and Nelly 10

Charles Smith
Born Glass about 1865, aged 46 Occupation Chief Preventive Officer Waterguard,  married to Jane Smith aged 39 born Linlithgow; children Mary 10, Charles 6 and William 3

George Innes
Born Glass about1853, married aged 58, occupation Hatter, Hosier, Glove and Shirtmaker; wife Annie Innes aged 59 born Warwickshire

Robert Wilson
Born Glass about1855, married aged 56, occupation Herdsman: wife Isabella aged 55 born Morayshire: children Robert 26, James 19 and John 19

Edward Wood
Born Glass about 1899 aged 12, Boarder at School living with Spencer Baker aged 34 Electrician & family: address 8 Ifold Road, Earlswood, Redhill, Surrey

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