Glass Remembered … 1851 – 1901 Census (England)

1851 Census England

  • Alexander Rae aged 71 born Glass, Banffshire, Coppersmith living at Chelsea, Middlesex
  • Elizabeth Rae spouse aged 50 also born Glass Banffshire

1861 Census England

No entries found

1871 Census England

  • Charlotte Bonniman aged 26 born Glass, Aberdeenshire, Servant living at Kensington, London
  •  Arthur Stephen aged 25 born Glass, Aberdeenshire, Assistant Master living at Atherston, Warwickshire

1881 Census England

  • Mary Jane Gold aged 26 born Glass, Aberdeenshire, Probationer Nurse, living at St Thomas Hospital, Lambeth, London
  • Helen Langley aged 38 wife born Glass, Aberdeenshire living at  Barlow, Yorkshire
    • Spouse Batty Langley born Uppingham, Rutland
  • Jane Leipper aged 19 born Glass, Aberdeenshire, Cook, living at Lambeth, London

1891 Census England

  • Annie Gold aged 28 born Glass, Aberdeenshire, Cook, living at Belton, Grantham
  • George Gordon aged 28 born Glass, Aberdeenshire, Boarder, General Practitioner, living at Shepton Mallet, Somerset
  • John Howie aged 35 born Glass, Schoolmaster, living at Coxlodge, Northumberland
  • William Innes aged 39 born Glass, Aberdeenshire, Fruit Grower, living at Littleover, Derbyshire
    • Spouse Sarah B. Innes aged 30 born Suffolk
    • Martha Bird aged 58 widow mother in law born Suffolk
  • Helen Langley aged 48 Boarder, married,  born Scotland
    • Batty Langley aged 57  Timber Merchant, married born Uppingham, Rutland

 1901 Census England

  • Christina Wilson aged 29 wife, born Glass, Aberdeenshire living at Clapham, London
    • Spouse John Hunter aged 27 born Northumberland
    • Mother Isabella Wilson aged 63 born Glass, Aberdeenshire
  • Alexander Frances Geddes aged 9 born Glass, Aberdeenshire living at Belton Grange,  Rugby (school)
  • Helen Langley aged 58 wife born Glass, Aberdeenshire
    • Spouse Batty Langley aged 67 born Rutland living at Ecclesall, Bierlow, Yorkshire
  • Jessie Wilson aged 41 born Glass, Servant, living at Pancreas, London


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