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This is the place where you can find out about – and keep up to date with – the latest information regarding the progress toward a new Hall.

Update: 14th July 2022

Planning Application: Our Next Step

We received notification today that our planning application is valid for re-developing the Hall. It will now go through the standard planning process. Regardless of the scale of changes all public buildings must apply for planning permission, there is no ‘permitted development’.

The feedback obtained from the community and the hard work of the committee has prepared feasible plans with the funding we can obtain. We recycled as much of the new hall plans as we could. We have also kept an eye on the future to encourage wider use of a flexible facility.

The community consultation specified a list of requirements for the committee to action. A 24 hour accessible WC, presentable internal décor, a size of facility easy to fundraise for, a safe outside space for younger people to use when at the Hall, an effective heating system, more storage, a meeting space independent of the main hall, levelling the main hall floor, and a more usable kitchen space. We’ve managed to achieve all these requests in the new design. But, compromises are unavoidable. Our new kitchen is tighter in size than the new build plans, and we are still considering how best to completely insulate the building (not just the loft, for which we have funding). There are less visible requirements to meet too: a set number of parking spaces mandated by the Council, a new sewage treatment unit to replace the old septic tank, and the potential to create our own energy with solar panels.

Here’s a link to the planning application where you can access drawings & other information:

All of this requires money, and we’ve managed to secure funding for the first steps (outside spaces, indoor remedial works to toilet the gable ends, insulating the loft). We turned our attention in June to funding the toilet extension, re-modelling the kitchen and meeting room, and other works. We also require a building warrant. The architectural work, engineering certification & quantity surveying is already underway for this.


Update: 27th June 2022

The Outdoor Community Space is Opening Up

Today we tested ground conditions to prepare for the installation of the car park surface and drainage. The surface will be laid in October by our chosen contractor, and will be a honeycomb structure suitable for planting glass and wildflowers in the lattice work. The honeycomb is made from recycled electrical cable sheathing. There is also a lay-by to install, an entry and exit, and underground services. The geotechnical test will help determine the exact depth of aggregate for the surface. Getting this right means we guarantee the surface’s life and eliminates over-specified materials. It also lets us re-purpose some of the existing car park near the Hall for an underground sewage treatment plant and an extension housing storage and accessible WCs.

In addition to the car park we will lay 200m of new hedging in the winter, plant more native trees and make preparations for a covered seating & BBQ area. This is in addition to the 40 trees and shrubs already planted (and happily growing!). Thanks to Tom Macpherson for the digger work. Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical provided the technical input.

Update: 23rd June 2022

We have good news to share about our re-development. After bidding for funds we have been kindly offered grant awards & support for the following;

  • Gable End roof & wall repairs (essential as a result of advice from our Structural Engineers)
  • Repairs to the guttering & walls.
  • Insulation for the roof spaces for the main hall & toilets/entrance
  • Road works & civil engineering to a ‘green space’ over the road from the Hall for events, car parking & sports.
  •  Preparatory design work for a new entrance, much needed further storage & outside accessible loos.

Works will commence when our appointed contractors are ready to go. We’ll put a call out for volunteers to help with insulating the loft & re-decorating the loos.

This phase of re-development helps in various ways. It controls operating costs so we can do our best to not pass on some of the higher electric bills to users – events, sporting and social clubs, & private hirers. We can re-decorate the toilets (once plastered) because the Hall will be water tight. Opening the green space gives us much needed flexibility to host outdoor events and replaces some of the car parking we’ll lose due to re-development of the site. If we experience circumstances again which stop indoor events we’ll have the option to meet outdoors. The Hall will also be greener – less energy is needed to heat and light it. Finally, it enables us to plan a space which can be more flexibility used by a wider pool of the community.

Our next phase re-positions the toilets, re-purposes the existing loos into a kitchen & store, and transforms the green room at the back of the Hall. We need to raise the funds to do this bigger parcel of works, and fundraising work began in May 2022.

Many thanks to our supporters for this part of the re-development – James & Moira Ingleby, Aswanley Estate, Edinglassie Estate, Clashindarroch Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund (Vattenfall), Dorenell Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund (EDF),  Cairnie Glass Community Trust (Engie), & the Glens of Foudland Community Benefit Fund (RES).


13th June Meeting

Following the meeting on Monday 13th June please find attached the links to the presentation made and the minutes taken.


Glass Community Hall Re-Development Launch 13 June 2022 GCA EGM Minutes 13_06_2022

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer your help then please contact Tom, details are on page 9 of the presentation.


Following the community consultation the committee will now begin a gradual re-development of the existing Hall. Our plans for a new hall have been forced to adapt because of construction costs and changes in the way we get a new facility funded. We will re-use certain elements from the new hall plans, merging them into a facility which better meets our community’s use of the space. Your feedback given in the community consultation will help steer this work. The extent of the works require fundraising, so the pace of re-development depends on successful bids from a range of supporters.

If you’d like to volunteer your time for the project then send us a message using the ‘contact us’ form. You don’t need specific expertise, just the enthusiasm and some time to help out. But…. if you do have specific construction-related skills and can volunteer some time then get in touch. We’re all volunteers, and adding more resource to the project means it’s done quicker!

The re-development is delivered by a sub-group of the committee. This is led by Marc Day (procurement; construction, architectural and structural engineering liaison) and Rachael Ashley (fundraising) with the workload shared between Tom Macpherson, Eoin Harrold, Jonathan Laird, and Andrew Mitchell.

More details about our plan will be given on 13th June (7:30pm) at Glass Hall. Marc Day will share the re-development steps and the sub-group will be ready to answer questions, gather ideas and meet volunteers.  A summary of the launch will be added to this part of the website.

We’ll also keep you updated as we progress the re-development.

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