Glass Church Update January 2021

St Andrew’s Kirk, Glass SCIO

SCO50645 registered on 18th December 2020

That is the official name and registered number of the charitable trust for Glass Church.  It has taken somewhat longer than we anticipated and first put the idea forward in October 2019. However it is done and that is probably the easiest part of it.

The trustees accepted by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) are:

Ted Andrews
Pam Ingleby
Mike Taitt

Ted is the primary contact for OSCR.

The trustees now have to complete the creation of the charity by causing the transfer of the ownership of the church from Ted and Hilda Andrews to the charity. This will include sorting out things like access, parking and future projects such as the provision of toilet and washroom facilities for visitors.

The trustees want to create a media presence to include a website and others such as  face book and twitter – massive learning curves there!

The sad loss of Tom McWilliam who was one of the potential trustees has made us realise that we need to bring more like-minded people into the trustee group.

We hope to update you as we make progress and if anyone has any suggestions to help us please contact Ted Andrews using the form below.  NB: Please check your spam box as sometimes our replies end up there!