Glass Church Meeting Minutes 9th April 2021


St. Andrew’s Kirk, Glass
Trust Members

Minutes of Meeting No. 4, 9th April 2021 at Glass Kirk, Glass


E Andrews (EAA)
Pam Ingleby (PI)
Mike Taitt (MT)


The start of the meeting was held in the church in order for members to refresh their minds with the layout of the church building and vestry for subsequent discussions on proposed changes to accommodate toilet facilities and study area.

The meeting moved to Glebe House.

1 The minutes of meeting No. 3 were approved by the members.

2 EAA gave the treasurer’s report including information on donations made.

3 EAA updated the members on the current situation with regard to the registration of the transfer of ownership to the trust and stated that we are still awaiting the official notification.

4 The current roles of members of the committee were discussed and it was agreed to continue with the present roles unless changes were needed.

5 EAA updated the members on the website and Facebook sites for the trust. The website is functioning with a section on the parish to be completed and the Facebook site is updated as required.

6 MT reported that approaches had been made to the Rev Calder with a view to trying to locate some of the items removed from the church before its sale to the last owners. These are thought to be some items of furniture but also photographs of previous ministers (formerly displayed on the vestry wall) that form part of the history of the church. No contact had been made as yet.

7 EAA reported that it has been agreed with the local historian Marina Alexander that her research material will be sited in the church and made available under supervision to members of the public researching ancestors etc. Since the meeting concluded arrangements have been made to collect this material. Discussion continued regarding other church documentation and the possibility of obtaining copies from the Church of Scotland headquarters in Edinburgh. MT undertook to follow the line of enquiry.

8 EAA reported that he had sent a request to the Church of Scotland headquarters in an attempt to find details of the George Gordon legacy made to the Glass Church and had not yet received a reply but would follow up his enquiry if nothing heard during the next week.

9 Following the start of the meeting held in the church, the members felt that the vestry provided the optimum site for toilet and wash-room facilities with the minimum of disruption to the existing building. The research material to be donated to the church by Marina Alexander would be best sited in the Manse Pew (the open space behind the organ) where furniture such as desk and bookcase would not detract from the appearance of the church.

It was agreed to ask local architect Angela Dow to investigate the work proposed and to advise the members on the likelihood of obtaining grants to enable this work. Copies of Ms Dow’s c.v. were distributed which included her experience in this area.

10 PI led a discussion on the availability of the church for services including weddings and funerals. It was agreed that the use of the church for services would be advertised on the website and Facebook. Any request for a service is to be treated on an individual basis so that impartial advice on cost, minister, cleaning etc could be provided rather than attempt to publish a price list. The need to avoid responsibility for third party suppliers outwith the trust’s control was emphasised.

It was further agreed that a quotation for repainting some of the water-damaged areas should be obtained.

Any other business:

11 EAA reported that despite lengthy phone calls and written requests he was experiencing difficulties in transferring responsibility for the electricity supply to the church from himself to the trust, but that he would continue his efforts.

12 It was agreed that one trustee (the treasurer) should have access to the trust bank account through internet banking.

13 EAA reported that the press release describing the trust had been sent out to several local papers with no result. Amended to record that it has appeared in the Huntly Express.

Next meeting:

To be announced after discussions with the architect.