Glass Church Meeting Minutes 4th December 2020

St. Andrew’s Kirk, Glass

Potential trust Members

Meeting 4th December 2020

at Glebe House, Glass

meeting No. 2



The meeting was held at 1030, present were:

Ted Andrews       EAA
Pam Ingleby        PI
Mike Taitt            MT


This meeting was held to discuss the response from OSCR and the email sent by Louise Porter clarifying OSCR’s response.

  1. Problems with using the advancement of religion as one of the objects of the proposed charity:

The trustees discussed this at length trying to reconcile the desire to preserve the church as a place of worship where services such as Easter and Christmas celebrations could be held together with the local community’s desire to hold their wedding and funeral services there.

Whilst this desire appears to be in accordance with OSCR’s aims for the advancement of religion the remainder of their aims under this heading are plainly not suited to the aims of the trust as proposed e.g. visiting the sick and dying or seeking new followers etc.

Concern was expressed that removing the “advancement of religion” would jeopardise the ability of the trust to meet locals’ requirements.

It was agreed that EAA would raise this question with Louise who would  be asked to clarify it with OSCR. If it is not a problem, then this object could be removed from the constitution.

  1. Public Benefit:

EAA confirmed that the church is indeed owned by Mr and Mrs Andrews  and that it is their intention that it be gifted to the trust.

EAA confirmed that the church can be insured separately from Glebe House and this would be the case on granting of charitable status.

It was agreed that Louise’s suggestion that provision for maintenance of  the shared access road be addressed by conveyancing solicitors on granting of charitable status (see 1st para, this section) should be followed.  The fact that this is a public right of way was discussed and  that this should be drawn to the solicitor’s attention if it has any bearing  on the matter.

Access to the public was discussed: Initially we suggest that the church  notice board is replaced and information displayed giving name and contact detail for the keyholder. As   things progress and details of  the church are made available online, via Face Book etc such          details  will be published there. Casual visitors will be made welcome as they  are now and invited into the church. Open days will be  promulgated and use will be made of the local Community Website subject to the secretary’s agreement to encourage visitors. 2020 has not been a    good year for visitors, but even so there have been several. An informal visitors’ book has been kept   since the church reopened  with over 300 entries to date.

  1. Conflict of interest

The trustees discussed the need for and requirements of a policy for conflict of interest. It was agreed that a policy should be drawn up giving the procedures to be followed when such conflict arises but that the details of policy and procedures should be taken from OSCR’s published guidance.

  1. Any other business:It was agreed that the need to recruit more younger, trustees was vital but It was also agreed that it is difficult to  have a meaningful discussion with others until the trust is granted.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed with no date for a future meeting until more information is available.