Glass Church Meeting Minutes 15th January 2021

St. Andrew’s Kirk, Glass

Potential trust Members

Meeting 15th January 2021

held by Zoom meeting No. 3


The meeting was held at 1600, present  online were:

Ted Andrews       EAA
Pam Ingleby        PI
Mike Taitt            MT

This meeting was held to formally accept and agree the constitution of the trust St. Andrew’s Kirk, Glass as accepted by OSCR and to accept the roles of the trustees and agree the offices of the trustees.

1.The trustees agreed by unanimous vote to accept the constitution of the trust.

2.The trustees agreed unanimously to accept the roles of trustee to the said trust.

3.The trustees agreed unanimously that the following offices would be in force until formal conveyancing of the church building and land and establishment of a bank account is completed, whereupon the offices would be reviewed by another meeting of the trustees.

Chairman:  EAA
Treasurer: EAA
Secretary: No post.

4.It was agreed unanimously that given the current restrictions on movement and meeting that any documentation requiring signatures would be presented to trustees individually until complete.


EAA gave updates as follows:

5.Bank Account:

An application has been made to the Clydesdale Bank for an account and various forms have been received for completion. These will be circulated for signatures.


Insurance for the building has been offered by ANSVAR (a subsidiary of Ecclesiastical Insurance) at a premium of approximately £2600 per annum. It was explained by EAA that the listed building status was the main cause of the cost and that this was compared with approximately £4600 from other insurers. EAA undertook to include this insurance with the conveyance of the church from the current owners to the trust for the first year.

7.EAA updated the progress being made so far on establishing an online presence for the trust including a website and facebook.

8.Discussion took place regarding potential sources of finance that would be needed for the ongoing success of the trust and trustees agreed to investigate.

9.Discussion took place regarding the need to recruit help and other potential trustees from the Glass community. This included the formation of a Friends of Glass Kirk society whereby locals and others could voluntarily join for a small fee and provide help when needed in organising assistance to the trust.

There being no further business it was agreed that another meeting would be convened as soon as needed but informal contact would be maintained meanwhile.