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Good turnout fuels vintage rally

The Glass Classic Vehicle Rally, held on July 2nd, 2023, was a successful event despite concerns about the weather. Fortunately, the rain from the preceding days did not dampen the spirits of the community, and the event went on as planned.

A total of 37 registrations were received, with 21 advanced registrations online and an additional 16 registrations on the day of the event. This turnout was considered a significant achievement and indicated that word had spread about the rally.

The morning of the event greeted attendees with remarkable sunshine, which further attracted car owners, passengers, and interested locals to join in the festivities.

The vehicles on display were divided into three categories: cars, tractors, and motorbikes. Twenty-three cars, ten tractors and four motorbikes joined the rally from local addresses. The favourites in each category, as voted by the attendees, were as follows:

  • Car: 1968 Wolseley Hornet owned by Helen Robson.
  • Agricultural: Allis Chambers owned by Lucy Harrold.
  • Motorbike: 1967 Triumph 500 Speed Twin owned by James McBain.

The event was made possible with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers who assisted with various tasks such as vehicle registrations, barbecuing, serving tea and coffee, selling raffle tickets, and setting up and cleaning up after the event.

Volunteers on the day included Jamie, Margo, Fiona, Holly, Aoife, Flora, Sue, Frances, Miranda, Jenny, Cheryl, Johnathan, Tom & Eoin.

Thanks also to the people who made such generous contributions to the raffle selection. In particular thanks to Jim Ashley who provided a generous whisky-related donation.

The event also raised a substantial profit of just under £800, which will be used to support the refurbishment of the Glass Hall and cover operating costs.

Overall, the rally was a memorable and enjoyable gathering for car enthusiasts and the local community alike. A big thanks from the organisers to all vehicle owners, guests, families, volunteers and community for supporting the Glass Classic Vehicle Rally 2023.