Glenmarkies’ Burn


by James Gordon, Slogan Croft, Glass

Gone are the scenes of my childhood days, gone is our But and Ben
Spread far and wide the children who once went down the Glen
Where nature blooms in summer time though cold in winters chill
Glenmarkies’ burn winds on its way to drive the old Meal Mill

Time has got lost since first it found its way down through the Glen
And many a lad and lass have passed along its bank’s since then
Mid birk and broom and heatherbell you gather there the thrill
The Burnie gave when first it came to drive the old Meal Mill

Off have I fished along its banks with hook and sharp bent pin
My legs all scratched my trousers torn, I’ve sometimes fallen in
But always I return again and hope for ever will
Obey the call that Burnie gives that drives the old Meal Mill

To all Glenmarkies scattered flock it is the cure for glum
It will offer them a welcome whilst the reek goes up their lum
To all who passed that way with us to all who live there still
Glenmarkies’ Burn is kin to us and drives sour old Meal Mill

All those who joined me in the flight with ?????? our defence
Will have a memory of their homes though they’ve not seen them since
They lie in peace the same as them who’ve journeyed oe’r the hill
The Burnie still flows past their door to drive the old Meal Mill

Footnote: We think perhaps Mr George Gordon who provided the text of the poem 
couldn’t make out the word  - or words - indicated by ????? on the original copy. 
If you know - please do get in touch