Community Consultation Findings & Next Steps

The consultation is now complete and you can see the results by clicking on the link below

Click to access Glass-Community-Hall-Consultation-2022_Findings.pdf

There are a series of outcomes which we need to progress. The main one is to re-develop the Hall, and the committee are working on this. The first step is to do remedial works on the Hall, then we’ll move to the key points of concern the community raised in the consultation. At the same time we progress with the green space.

Thanks so much for being actively involved with the survey, it was great to read so many responses.

Our New Community Green Space
You may have been wondering about the green space opposite the Hall. The committee have been busy designing environmentally friendly use of the space which the community decided would be most suitable. The first stage was to plant a range of shrubs and trees suited to the ground conditions. Some adjustments to the initial plan for the parking surface (making it more environmentally friendly) have now been approved by Aberdeenshire Council.

We’ll now create of two openings to the new space per the requirements of planning, develop a dedicated spot for outdoor events (with seating), and re-site the bottle recycling which will be screened from view. The parking surface is a strong honeycomb structure made from recycled plastic which can be over-panted as a wildflower meadow but is strong enough for all types of vehicle to move and park. It will be surrounded by low hedging to soften the landscaping with four trees planted in each corner. As the ground is heavy clay we need to choose trees which will thrive in tricky ground conditions.

Funding has been applied for the openings, with contractor selection almost complete, and if we win funding we can agree final terms with the contractor. We’ll then apply for the next stage of funding for the car park surface, with the procurement process just about to begin. A range of funders will complement the already generous donation of the ground from Mr. & Mrs. J Ingleby.

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