Craig Watch Wind Farm – Glass Hall Meeting

The developers for the proposed wind farm at Craig Watch are holding a meeting in Glass Hall on Thursday 17th November 3pm until 7pm. All are welcome.

Please click on the images below for a larger version.

You can view the same information – but with the addition of working links, by clicking on the link below which will open a pdf document.

Craig Watch Wind Farm – Glass Community Association (Nov 21)


2 thoughts on “Craig Watch Wind Farm – Glass Hall Meeting

  1. Adrian Sangster

    My grandfather was born in Craigwatch cottage so I am sad to see another beautiful part of the country side will be ruined by these horrific looking structures. :(

  2. m. duff

    I assume there has been debate about the low frequency of wind turbines, as there has now been quite a bit of scientific research done on the harmful affects of 2.3-3.6 MW low-frequency side affects, such as headaches, tinnitus, ear pressure, ( fatigue,nausea, digestive disorders, cough and vision problems. Upwind produces low levels of infrasound, and as studies progress heart-rate in humans are being monitored too. report on heart rate changes from wind farms. The small wind turbines =2mw less damaging, but for the large wind turbines they are best on coastal areas, or as far from human homes as possible.


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