4 thoughts on “Photo Competition 2015

  1. Donna Fraser

    Will you be posting the photos? I am one of your British Columbia, Canada online visitors. My husband descends from the Fraser family who lived at Graystonefolds from 1780 through the 1800s and are buried in the churchyard. I’m hoping some of the photos in your contest will be old ones of people and places.
    My compliments on your website. My thanks to those who have contributed to the history. Well done!
    Donna Fraser
    Ps I’m a subscriber and enjoy following the community’s activities even though I can’t take part. Quiz night sounds like fun!

    1. Glass Community Association

      Hi Donna
      Thank you for your nice comments about the website.
      Yes – we will be making the photo’s available – we’re just working out the best way to do that.
      We hope to have an update on that quite soon – so keep a look out.
      Kind regards
      Glass Community Association

    2. Marina Alexander

      Hi Donna
      My ancestors also lived at Greystonefolds – after the Frasers though. I do have a photograph, probably taken in the early 1900’s, of Greystonefolds which I can scan for you if you contact me.

      1. Donna Fraser

        Marina, that would be lovely. I have just recently acquired an old photograph that I believe was taken at Greystonefolds in the very early 1900s. I will ask the webmaster if she can post it to help identify the other people in the photograph.

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