Glass War Memorial

Ted Andrews kindly informed us of a recent article from the War Memorials Trust which mentioned the Glass War Memorial.

We are grateful to the War Memorials Trust for providing the back-issue of their article (Bulletin 58). You can download this back issue and read it on your own computer by clicking here  The Glass War Memorial is featured on page 11.

  • You can find a wealth of information regarding war memorials in the local area by visiting the Kinnethmont website
    • Information relating to the Glass War Memorial can be found by clicking here

You can find more detailed information in our “Glass Remembered ….” webpages here

Marina Alexander has kindly shared this very nice photograph of the Glass War Memorial at a time when Mr Hadden looked after it.

Glass War Memorial

If you have photographs or stories of Glass from times gone by that you’d like to share, please do get in touch with us here.

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