Wanted! Your Photographs of Glass

Do you have a favourite photograph of Glass that you’d like to share on our website?

If so please click here to get in touch.  You’ll be sent details of how to send your photo(s)  and we’ll do our best to show them either on the front page or in the Gallery


3 thoughts on “Wanted! Your Photographs of Glass

  1. Robert Hosie.

    Good afternoon Phyllis.

    I regeret that I don’t have any photos of the Glass area but I do have some of the Huntly, Strathdon and the Garioch areas.

    However, I take it that you are the same Phyllis J Goodall of the Doric book “There’s been bonnie days” . I have just been give a copy of the above book by my daughter and son-in;law, who used to live at Finzean, but who now live in Calgary, Alberta. Your poem about Finzean had us in stitches and your poem about Genetically Unmodified is a lovely take-off on Murray’s Belcanny.

    As a West-coaster, after 61 years in the North-East, I am now almost a local and have found a great delight in the Doric, particularly that of the farming communities and those brought up in the country. My late Inverurie Probus colleage, Jim Glennie,wrote some lovely Doric about his native Garioch, one of my favourites being The Bonnie Morning Licht.

    Here in Inverurie, the Doric seems to be getting nurtured as my 2nd-year Primary twin grand-daughters at Market Place school are being taught Doric poems. Some time ago our Carnegie Library had a Doric puzzle on its inside door. On the outside of that door was the inscription S Y N and on the inside of the door was the inscription S Y UT. Sadly, PC has prevailed and it has been erased.

    Many thanks for your excellent work. All best wishes,

    Bert Hosie ( Inverurie)

  2. Phyllis J. Goodall

    I am a native of Glass, born in 1937 at Timberford, a farm in the Chapelhill on the Beldorney estate .
    I have over the last nine years taken many digital photos of Glass, and would love to share them and to see other folk’s, especially ones pre-1986 when I did not take photographs.

    Phyllis J. Goodall (MS Shearer)


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